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Oct  BGen David Martin, CD (Ret'd) Topic: Shaping Canada's Modern Maritime Helicopter Force: Experiences from the 1990-1991 Gulf War

Sept  Col Ted Nurse, CD, MA (Ret'd) Topic: The Legend of Danny McLeod: A Tank Troop Leader at War

May  LCol Gord Hagar, CD Topic: The Canadian Operational Support Hub (Europe)

Apr   BGen Ken Watkin, OMM, CD, QC (Ret'd) Topic: Law, Ethics and Targeted Killing in 21st Century Warfare

Mar  Paul Van Nest, MSc Topic: The Impact of British North America on the American Civil War

Feb  Col Chuck Oliviero, CD, PhD (Ret'd) Topic: The Birth of Enlightened Command - The Origins and Concepts of Auftragstaktik

Jan  Dr. Emily Spencer, Dir., Education & Research Centre Canadian Special Operations Force Command Topic:  Building and Sustaining Effective Diverse Teams Within a Military Context


Dec   Wassail (Festive food and fellowship) - Mon. Dec. 17 at 1300 hrs

Nov  BGen Ken Watkin, OMM, CD, QC (Ret'd) Topic: The Role of Police Forces in Urban Warfare

Oct  Col James ("Jim") T.J. Calvin, MSC, CD (Ret'd) Topic: The "Medak Pocket" Operation September 1993: Personal Experiences & Aftermath

Sept  Laurence ("Larry") Brooks, BA, Special Advisor to Public Safety Canada and the RCMP Topic: The Relationship Between the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

June  LCol Steve Taylor, MBE, CO PWOR Topic: The Challenges of Command:  How Counter Terrorist and Insurgency Operations Prepared Me for Unit Command in the Canadian Army Reserve

June  -  RKUSI Summer BBQ

May  Dr. Meghan Fitzpatrick, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, War Studies (RMCC) Topic: The Human Cost of War: Soldiers and Psychiatrists in Korea, 1950-1953

Apr  LTCOL Andrew Behan, CSM, Australian Army LO to the Canadian Army Topic: Peacekeeping Operations –The Australian Army Experience in East Timor: 1999-2000

Mar  BGen Ken Watkin, OMM, CD, QC (Ret'd) Topic: Military Evidence Collection on the Battlefield

Feb  Forest Edwards, BA (Hons) Topic: Deconstructing the Shia Crescent

Jan   AGM followed by LTC Andrew ("Andy") J. Whitford (US Army), PhD Topic: The War that Would Not End: Britain, Refugees, and the Aftermath of the Vietnam War


Dec   Wassail (Festive food and fellowship) - Sat. Dec. 16 at 1300 hrs

Nov  Maj Daniel Eustace, CD, PhD (Ret'd), Director, Defence and Security Studies Program (RCMI) Topic: Design Thinking and the Future of Military Planning

Oct  Lt Col Richard ("Dick") J.D. Ovey, psc(j), British Defence Liaison Staff Topic: British Army International Engagement Policy

Sept  Col C.M. ("Spike") Hazleton, OMM, MSM, CD (Ret'd) Topic: Reflections as an attaché in Italy

Aug  RKUSI Annual BBQ

June  BGen Greg R. Smith, CD Topic: Experiences in Iraq as COS Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command - Operation Inherent Resolve

May  Col Mark Hutchings, CD (Ret'd) Topic: The Hill 70 Project

Apr  Donald G. Mahar, RCMP/CSIS (Ret'd) Topic: Soviet double agent Yevgeni Brik - Note location: a joint presentation with the Military Communications and Electronics Museum (CFB Kingston)

Mar  Lt (N) AC ("Andy") Ashworth, VR Topic:(Sea, Army, Air) Cadet Program Renewal

Feb  Richard Brisson, MSc Topic:The History of Camp 'X'

Jan   LtCol (GS) Andreas Vogler, German Armed Forces Visiting Defence Fellow, Centre for International and Defence Policy, Queen's University Topic:Experiences and Analysis of Afghanistan Operations


Dec   Wassail (Festive food and fellowship)

Nov   LCol Pascal Ratté, CD Topic:The Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence:  An Overview

Oct   Alan Jones, BA, former Assistant Director for Technology (CSIS), and Pierre LaCompte, former DDG Ops of IR (CSIS) Topic:CSIS: The Service's Role in Afghanistan

Sept   LCol Lawrence Zaporzan, OMM, CD (Ret'd), former Defence Attaché to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Cyprus Topic: A former attaché's perspective on the Middle East

June  Members' Dinner on the Terrace (Tues, 21 June)

May  Richard Brisson, MSc Topic: WWII and the German Enigma - ​Cryptology, Cryptanalysis and Exploitation

Apr  Ambassador Louis A. Delvoie (Ret'd), Centre for International and Defence Policy, Queen's University Topic: The Islamic State

Mar   LCol Lawrence Zaporzan, OMM, CD (Ret'd), former Defence Attaché to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Cyprus Topic: A former attaché's perspective on the Middle East [cancelled due to inclement weather]

Feb    Maj Errol G. MacEachern, CD, Canadian Army Land Warfare Centre Topic: Light Forces Development

Jan    Film - Operation Husky, commentary by Col  George Javornik, CD (Ret'd)


Nov     Brent Holland, BFA, radio host and author Topic: The Kennedy Assassination

Oct     Col Stephen W. Hall, CD, Director, Applied Military Science, RMCC Topic: The Canadian Army's Applied Military Science program

Sept     Maj John Tyler, CD (RCMP/CSIS) (Ret'd) Topic: The History of Intelligence

May    Phil Osanic, BA, LLM Topic: 20th - 21st Century CAF Service Rifles, Marksmanship Principles, and Small Arms Doctrine

Apr      Peter Milliken, PC, OC, FRSC Topic: The Role of the Speaker of the House

Mar     Neil Bernard Dukas, CD, MA Topic: Hawaiian Wars - The Battle of Nuuanu, 1795

Feb      LCol Doug Bland, PhD (Ret'd) Topic: Time Bomb: Canada and the First Nations

Jan      Col Karl Michaud, CD, Director, Applied Military Science, RMCC



Nov     LCol Jeffrey M. Barr, CD Topic: Op Proteus: The Tactical Situation

Oct      BGen Ken Watkin, OMM, CD, QC (Ret'd) Topic: 21st Century Conflict: Definitely Not Your Grandfather’s War

Sept    Dr Lubomyr Luciuk, PhD Topic: The Ukraine

May    MGen Dean Milner, OMM , MSC, CD Topic: The Canadians in Afghanistan Transition from War Fighting to Training

Apr      Tim Sugrue, MA Topic: The IV Princess Louise Dragoon Guards: Origins & Memories

Mar     Neil Bernard Dukas, CD, MA Topic: A Brief Military History of the Hawaiian Kingdom (and the surprising Canadian connection)

Feb      Supt Guy Rook, RCMP, OIC ‘O’ Division Topic: The case of Lt (N) Delisle, convicted of spying for Russia

Jan      MGen Jim Ferron, OMM, MSC, CD Topic: DART in Philippines & other things



Nov     Ken Weber, Prof Emeritus (University of Toronto) Topic: “Why Canadian History is Not Boring”

Oct      BGen Serge Labbé, MSC, CD (Ret'd) Topic: Will speak on his experiences in Afghanistan

May    A Second World War Retrospective: Canadian Army Film Unit Newsreels from 1943-1944 (Battlefields: Italy, NW Europe, Homefront)

Apr      Col Howard Coombs, CD Topic: "Integrating Operations: A Perspective On Canada's Activities In Afghanistan"2004 and 2010-2011"

Mar     Ambassador Louis A. Delvoie (Ret'd), Centre for International and Defence Policy, Queen's University Topic: India: An Emerging World Power???

Feb      Maj John Grodzinski, CD, PhD Topic: "The Enemy kept up a heavy and destructive fire": The British Raid on Sackets Harbor May 27-29, 1813

Jan      Col Jody Nelson, US Army, Senior Service College and Visiting Defence Fellow, Queen's University Topic: "Commanding in Afghanistan: Soldiers to Afghans"